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So, we’ve all been there. Found the perfect venue, your dream wedding photographer, or the exact vibe you are going for the floral arrangements on Pinterest only to realize it’d set you back a couple months worth of salary to get it.

Let’s talk budget. In my years of doing Pittsburgh wedding photography, I’ve helped lots of couples avoid money fights before they even start. Every engaged couple has to have that talk. Whether it’s a small budget or an extravagant one, the questions are always the same: What is our vision? And does that fit our budget?

What owning a wedding photography business in Pittsburgh has taught me is that the big cuts we have to make don’t have to feel like sacrifices! These following tips will help you budget-trim and save up some big bucks!

Have a custom drink

What is more adorable than having a personalized cocktail that represents you as a couple or matches the vibe of the wedding? Serving custom-made cocktails is a great way to flaunt a little and this way you can opt out of having a full bar.

Choose your liquor

Limiting alcoholic drinks to the traditional crowd pleasers, like wine and beer, is cost effective and will most definitely satisfy your guests. You could even aim for your favorite, guilty pleasure wines. Just join mailing lists and when your desired beverages go on sale, buy in bulk.

Consider having a wedding breakfast or lunch

The trend of having wedding brunches is here to stay and I absolutely love it. It makes sense when you think about how breakfasts, lunches and even having an afternoon tea are way more affordable than your traditional evening receptions.

Use local ingredients

Nothing tastes better and more affordable than a fresh, in-season fruit. Having your Pittsburgh wedding caterer use local fruits and vegetables is a great money saver and will taste way fresher.

Stay away from pricey wedding courses

The main course should feature the best, freshest ingredients but avoid pricey components. If you want to have expensive ingredients, like lobster, the best idea is to use it in canapes instead of a main course meal.

Make the cake the dessert course

Completely forget about separate dessert courses and simply have the wedding cake as your main dessert, adding a tea or a coffee to enjoy the meal with the sweets!

Toasts only

Set aside your champagne and rather than having it pouring for the whole evening, reserve it exclusively for the toasts.

Choose in-season flowers

Ask around and find out what flowers are in season during your wedding and take advantage of the more affordable ones. Wedding favorites, like peonies and lilies of the valley, are really accessible all year round, but their prices change depending on the season!

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