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If we’re being fair, we have to give credit where credit is due. We need to recognize the true MVP of most Pittsburgh weddings nowadays.


Honestly, what would we do without it?

Well, for starters we would have way more time in our hands but we for sure wouldn’t find half as many stunning ideas to light up a wedding!

In all my years doing Pittsburgh wedding photography, I’ve been inspired by the amount of resources Pinterest alone can bring to a wedding. The most recent example I can think of is that if a bride wants a specific lightning and vibe to her wedding — there’s no need to cut up magazines and create a physical mood board, she can just create online!

And boy, does Pinterest have some gorgeous ideas for lightning up your wedding! Whether you want a simple aesthetic or an extravagant vibe, I have for you the best, most unique lightning ideas to get the your dream wedding photography ready!

Grapevine lights

These are beautiful and extremely romantic, they don’t even have to actually be functional! Simply having the visual beehive lighting up your reception can give so much added texture, and a stunning enhancement to the already lovely exterior.

Romantic light bulb string lights

Transparent ornaments are perfect for decor, since inside the clear light bulb you can fit an endless amount of unique, stunning ideas! Also, they can vary in size depending on what you’re going for, from a tiny and shimmering minimalist approach to a more elegant, flower filled chic concept.

Adorable and feminine flower lights

When it comes down to setting the mood, there’s just something so romantic and charming about having fairy lights adorn your Pittsburgh wedding. It’s the soft glow, it’s the dimension it gives when they’re strung from trees and mantle pieces, it’s the fairy light effect that turns a normal winter evening into an unforgettable night!

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