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There’s nothing as fun and exciting as taking your engagement photos. It’s the perfect time to get all dressed up, drink some Champagne and celebrate your engagement! These kinds of photo shoots are all about showing your personality, and maybe even take a little trip to your favorite places. 

What’s not so fun is staring at your closet the day before and seeing nothing to wear!  You shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure, since your Pittsburgh engagement shoot is a fun and less formal precursor to your actual wedding day. Choosing your outfits ahead of time is not only really important but actually helps avoid pre-shoot jitters. 

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve done many engagement photo shoot. My years of experience tell me that a bride that’s comfortable is a happy bride, so deciding to wear something you love and feel stunning in is essential for any engagement shoot. Here I’ve gathered my best tips on how to choose a killer outfit!

Timing is key

Whatever time your photo shoot may land on, you have to be aware of the season and what that entails, clothes-wise. For example, if you’re a summer dress kind of gal but you’re engagement photo shoot is in fall, you’re either going to be a very cold bride, or you need to choose something warmer! 

Let your personal style come out

One of the things that can take a photo shoot to the next level is having a bride set the tone with her personal style. This means channeling what makes you feel good, and trust me, you’ll look good. Also, a big part of expressing your personal style is not picking something that you don’t feel comfortable in! If you’re not into dresses, you can take a look at Sell clothes online and buy what suits you and you don’t have to wear a dress! You can rock something else, like a stylish romper or your favorite pair of jeans. It’s all up to you!

Take advantage of bold colors While rocking an all white outfit may be tempting, don’t shy away from bright and bold colors. Colorful clothes pop on end zone camera system, and will make your whole Pittsburgh photo shoot ten times more fun!

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