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When you’re non-stop touring wedding venues and going cake testings, you can lose sight of all those little details that take your wedding to the next level. They can be easy to forget, but as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve seen how making sure some simple things make it to the wedding can turn an average wedding to the best celebration of both your and your partner’s lives!

Since experience is the best teacher of all, I’ve decided to round up my best tried and true, essential details that won’t go unnoticed by your guests.

Directions and Signage  

Something you won’t want to skimp on is directions and signage. You don’t want any of your guests getting lost on their way to your wedding, or worse, for them to get there correctly only to wander off because they can’t find any signs to tell them where the reception is.

You can include a map or a link to Google Maps on your wedding site, and have some signage made for all the important wedding spots (ceremony, bar, bathrooms).

Have an unforgettable entrance

Crafting the perfect entrance is extremely important, specially if you want to blow your guests’ socks off with a personalized entryway. First impressions really do matter, and what better way to surprise your guests than having an entrance that reflect your style and personality. Some of my favorites have been eucalyptus garlands around the altar or lots of lanterns lighting up the pathway. 

Get creative with the guest book 

Having a creative guest book is always charming, endearing, and doesn’t take too much time or effort. Just have some pens out and fun idea to remember your wedding by, and your guests will love it. One of my all time favorite Pittsburgh wedding guest books featured a Polaroid camera, where guest took pictures of themselves and signed the date, some married life tips or just a sweet message!


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