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People getting married isn’t something new, but thanks to fashion designers, creative couples and Pinterest boards, they keep changing! You might want to Sell your clothes online before your wedding and use the money on an elegant wedding dress. This way, you can get your hands on your dream dress and even save up. 

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve been absolutely smitten by some stunning and ingenious trends, and currently I’m obsessing over unruly and original flower arrangements.

If you’re in the middle of brainstorming bouquet ideas and haven’t found the wedding florist of your dreams yet, look no further than the following flowery trends of 2019!

Single Stems

This is sort of a cheat, but I’ve shot some gorgeous Pittsburgh wedding photography with the cutest single stem bouquets. They’ve always been a great option for alternative-looking weddings, since they’re simple and chic, but in 2019 this choice has been all the rage. To pull it off, choose a big petal flower to show off, like roses, peonies or sunflowers.

Tropical flowers and leafs

Having a bright flower accompanied by some tropical leaves accompanied is the perfect way to have those destination wedding vibes, without all the hassle. Take advantage of the bright and colorful colors to highlight you and your dress, while keeping your wedding theme.

Simple monochrome (with a twist)

At this point, having all-white flowers decorating your Pittsburgh wedding is an institution. They look classy and timeless, but the trend has been taken to another whole level. Now, I’ve seen so many brides rocking one color flower arrangements and bouquets, but not in the traditional pink, but in bright red or hot pink. There’s no way you can go wrong with a monochromatic theme, specially in this time of the year!


Instead of the usual colorful flowers or greenery, why not incorporate some stylish bare branches with some small, dainty flowers, like Baby’s Breath. You’ll look stunning and you’ll guest will love it!

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