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Pittsburgh summer weddings offer the best chance to be playful with color combinations. Whenever you try to color match with this season, you get beautiful color palettes that are not just the usual all white decor, but actually bright and vibrant.

Any wedding party color combo needs to follow along the main wedding theme. You should try drawing inspiration from big details, like the venue and the the vibe you’re going for. As an experienced Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of stunning wedding parties, so I’ve rounded up my top favorite combinations of colors that have made absolutely breathtaking wedding photography:

Black, Green and White

This is not your usual summer color palette, but it’s one of my all time favorite. Taking advantage of any greenery around you and displaying it with some pale green, black and white can look very dreamy!

Magenta, poppy and yellow

Lean into that summer vibe and have an all magenta and poppy with splashes of yellow. A tip to pull this color combo off is to have decorations that balance out the vibrant pink, like more neutral tones.

Emerald, Cream and Gold

Any boho-glam Pittsburgh wedding will look stunning with an emerald green, light cream and gold wedding party. Try going for simple and chic, not need for too many over the top statement pieces!

Purple, Burgundy and Orange

Having a vineyard wedding? Consider taking the charming venue and using as inspiration for your wedding party. This colors look beautiful together and will leave your guests happy!

Gold, Peach and Green

Summer weddings have amazing perks, and being able to pull off gold, peach and green is one of them! It’s all about letting Mother Nature show off and this will in turn complement the wedding party!

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