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As you must know, planning a wedding comes with months of preparation ahead and can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Once you’ve finally gotten your wedding guest list down to the final number, you may feel relieved, only to get a rush of nervousness again after seeing some save-the-date cards on a Pinterest board? 

Do you need to send those? What is the save-the-date etiquette? Is it the same as sending the invitations?

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I’ve captured lots beautiful wedding photography for save-the-date cards, and can tell you that it’s not nearly as complicated as you may have been led to believe. I’ve gathered everything you need to know about save-the-dates, and some tips on getting started!


Firstly, choose if you want to send out Save The Day cards

Nowadays, sending save-the-date cards can seem like a must-do, but it all depends on the kind of wedding you’re having. Is it local? Do most of your guests live nearby and know of the celebration? If so, there’s actually no need to send save-the-day cards so far ahead. The wedding invitation will do just fine. 

But if you’re getting married during the holidays or another busy time like that, it’s advised to send save-the-date cards out.


Now, when should you send them?

If you’re choosing to send them out, the most common thing is to send them from 3 to 6 months ahead of the wedding. People will appreciate you giving them notice so they’re able to make travel plans, you could check here  and get everything in order for them to join you on your special day!


Who should you send them to?

The entire guest lists should get one. Even your closest friends and family who you know are aware and have already marked it down on their calendar. The traditional rule is that all those that get a wedding invitation should also get a save-the-date card.


What should it say? 

Save The Dates are usually fairly simple and not too complicated. You just have to say your name and your partner’s, that you’re getting married soon and when and where it’s going to happen. Since it’s not an invitation, it doesn’t have to be too specific, so keep it as broad as necessary!

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