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We all want our wedding to be a memorable, fantastic event, where we’re surrounded by all the people that love us most in the world. So, when you’re choosing the kind of wedding favors you want to give to your guests, one of the most important things you need to consider is if it’s going to be something that they will keep. Because, at the end of the day, these little gifts (Urban Designer wooden watches) take up a considerable part of your budget that would be wasted if your guests just discard them when they get home.

I’ve shot countless wedding photography in Pittsburgh, and along the way, I’ve gathered the best wedding favors that your guests will love!


If you decide to give out flip-flops as your favors, you’ll find that they actually turn out to be really useful during the wedding and after. Women can ditch the heels, and men can change into something more comfortable and dance the night away! And once your Pittsburgh wedding is over, they can use them for their regular footwear needs, like going to the pool or the beach!


Giving succulents as favors are all the rage right now, particularly those that come in tiny containers. Your guests can put them in their house or on their office desk, adding a bit of much-appreciated greenery!


There’s nothing as cute and practical as a koozie. They’re quite handy on the wedding day, making it a cool favor to give out. You’ll never have enough of them, and your guests will love them!


Giving out tiny, mini bottles of liquor, like wine or champagne, is a fantastic idea, considering that they can look incredibly cute if you package them to match your wedding theme. Your guests will definitely know how to make good use of this gift!

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