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Finding the right wedding photographer for your special day can be challenging, and, as you’ll soon find out, there’s more to reviewing wedding photography samples than just picking the ones you think are pretty. Sure, lots of wedding photographers in Pittsburgh will be able to show you lovely samples, but you also need to make sure they can cover the basics, like photographing little details such as the wedding cake and even catching candid images of the guests!

Here are some other details you’ll want to keep in mind.


You’ll be seeing lots of styles depending on the Pittsburgh wedding photographer you request samples from, everything from traditional, to dark and moody, editorial and photo-journalistic.

Before starting the whole wedding photographer hunt, talk to your partner and think about what style makes you feel the most comfortable. This can help you narrow down the photographer for you!


Save yourself the trouble of falling in love with some samples of a beach wedding if you’re having yours in a church. It’ll definitely look pretty different! When you’re requesting samples from a photographer in your area, ask if they can share albums from weddings at venues similar to yours.


Catching the perfect moment is the first part, but afterward, it comes down to the post-production process to edit anything that takes the focus off the bride and groom. A big part of what a photographer does happens after your special day. Some photographers edit the pictures to fit the desired style, from light and airy to dark and moody. But remember, you should not be able to tell the wedding photos have been edited, it’s all about enhancing the original shot!


As a rule of thumb,you should be asking yourself: would I be comfortable shooting with this photographer? Beyond the lightning or the setting, look at the personality of the photographer and their photos. If you think sexy and dramatic shots look stunning on the samples, but you can’t really see yourself in that position, then feel free to ask for other options.


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