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The key to a stress-free wedding day is organization. It really comes down to lots and lots of planning for things to run smoothly and people to be ready to take pictures when you need them. While we want to get the most effortlessly looking wedding pictures, there is a good deal of time and effort that goes into creating those incredible photos and despite wedding photography being all about capturing those quick and one of a kind moments, we absolutely need to take a make photography timeline. 

But where do you even start? How much time is really necessary for preparing and taking your photos? 

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer here are some things you need to keep in mind when creating a wedding photography timeline.


We all love those candid, excited prep time pictures that help us tell the story about how the day began. Getting close up of the bride and the groom as they get ready and interacting with their families is so important, which is why you need to leave around 60 minutes for this whole process. Remember, capturing these little snippets are some of the most emotional and fun moments of the day, so you’re not going to want to cut it short. 


Rounding up the immediate family and taking their picture should take around 30 minutes or more. This means a lot to them as well as to you, so take your time. Also, don’t put too much pressure on getting everyone, since a lot of the time things don’t pan out the way you planned them, but you can always take more pictures later at the reception.


Since this is the most awaited part of your day, you should leave at least 30 minutes for the photographer to take pictures of the ceremony site. As the bride walks down the aisle and the couple exchanges their vows, the photographer will capture all the important moments.

Couple’s glamour shots

Now, a fun part of the day is all about getting the bride and groom alone and capturing the beautiful scenic shots. This can take from 45 minutes to an hour, so set time aside with that mind. Remember, these are the pretty shots you’ll be printing and framing later! 

Reception and Party

This is when you can put your party hat on. Ask your Pittsburgh wedding photographer to be ready to catch all those amazing moments as the party starts and all the scheduled formalities begin, such as best men and bridesmaid speeches and the first dance.


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