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As we get closer and closer to our special day, lots of us get this worrying feeling that we’re forgetting something big. When you’re in the home stretch, you feel like there can’t be any room for error, but we all know that there is no amount of spreadsheets and to-do lists that guarantee there won’t be any forgotten details.

To give you some peace of mind, we’ve gathered opinions from brides and bring you all the important, easily forgotten wedding to-dos! Add these 4 things to your agenda and you can be confident things will run smoothly when the big day comes!

Get your papers in order

Make sure to fill out and send all the important paperwork you’ll be needing. From giving your marriage license to your officiant to sending your passport applications, don’t leave these tasks to the last minute and get it sorted as soon as you can.

Other smaller things, like having the officiant’s fee envelope ready to be handed off after the ceremony and giving the place cards to the caterers, are good to keep in mind as your wedding day gets closer.

Confirm delivery times

I’m sure you’ll have spoken to vendors way more than you first thought necessary when you started to plan the wedding, but a last call to discuss your final delivery times is never too “extra”. This includes speaking with both the vendors and your venue, and making sure that the items are delivered a couple of days before your Pittsburgh wedding ceremony, to avoid any emergencies. Also, we advise creating a timeline on a spreadsheet for you to have a clear idea of what time everything will be arriving.

Always bring a spare invitation

When we’ve given so much thought into designing wedding stationery, it’d be a real shame if the wedding day comes and you realize you didn’t pack one extra invitation! As you get ready for the day, a Cleveland wedding photographer can take some time and shoot some photos of the beautiful wedding stationery.

Since we send the invitation out in advance, it is so easily forgotten, but keeping a couple of spare copies and bringing it with you can be very helpful, for you, your wedding album and your Pittsburgh wedding photographer who will want  to snap some pictures of them.

Google “when will the sun set?”

Sunsets and that golden hour glow are the perfect backdrop for your Pittsburgh wedding photography. Your photographer will likely want to pull you outside around that time for some ethereal and magically beautiful photos. It’s better to know when that will be and be ready rather than being busy doing something else, like, say, cutting the cake.

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