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When it comes to a wedding, there are hundreds and hundreds of things you need to plan. And yes, the social distancing orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic will make your wedding look different and make you think of a plan for things you probably never imagined you’d need to.

Just remember you’re not alone in this. Lots of couples have been affected by these new regulations and have had to find ways to rework their celebrations to make it both safe and romantic.

You can totally celebrate with your loved one, you’ll just have to rethink certain aspects and we’re here to help you along the way! It might be on a smaller scale, but your wedding day will continue to be a celebration of the love that brought you, your partner and your families together.

As your wedding day gets closer and closer, you might have lots of questions about this unprecedented situation. So, what exactly do you need to keep in mind when throwing a wedding during COVID-19?

Call all of your vendors

First things first, after you’ve checked the local guidelines, you need to call all your vendors. Ask about any new protocols taking place and what ever part you need to take to implement those measures on the big day. From having hand-sanitizer stations to reducing the number of guests, you need to know what is needed to keep your guests (young and elderly) safe.

Rethink the layout

We don’t want crowded spaces, so working with your venue to figure out how you can keep the layout roomy and with enough space for everyone to be comfortable is very important.

Be open to their suggestions, since some venues have creative ways around the regulations from setting up open, socially distanced dance floors to taking the whole thing outdoors!

Check-in with your wedding photographer

Just because we’re staying 6 feet apart doesn’t mean you can’t document your special day with a Pittsburgh wedding photographer. All you need to do is contact your wedding photographer and explain to them your vision. Together your workout is a way to capture all those magical moments and make this a day you’ll never forget.

Talk to your guests

If you had originally planned for a big gathering, a 300-person Pittsburgh wedding ceremony, you might have to rescind some of those invitations. The good news is that in light of the coronavirus and most people staying indoors, it’s become acceptable to politely uninvite people. Just try to do it as soon as you can, since some guests might need to change or cancel any previous plans they had made.


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