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Part of choosing the right wedding photographer for your Pittsburgh wedding is browsing through lots of albums and highlight galleries, but you’ll never be sure you’ve found “the one” until you sit down and interview them. The best option could be

Choosing a photographer that you feel comfortable with, whose styles fits your wedding and who you mesh with makes all the difference, but how do you even find all of this out?

When picking wedding photographers in Pittsburgh you can hear a lot of the same answers, and to help you narrow down on the choice, we’ve rounded up the essential questions you need to ask during a consultation to see if they are a good fit for you!

How long have you been in the business?

If you’ve taken a liking to a particular photographer’s gallery, you need to ask about their experience. Not just as a photographer, but how many weddings they have shot and what type of wedding were they. Were they all the same style?

You’re looking for experience here, because the photographer of your Pittsburgh wedding won’t just have to be able to take beautiful photos, but also be experienced enough to know the right moments for everything. Can they predict precisely when the first kiss will happen based on the priest’s speech? These are all valid questions.

How long until I can see the photographs after the wedding?

How long you’ll need to wait varies from photographer to photographer, but this question helps you set your expectations and have a realistic idea, and also keep the photographer accountable to that deadline. And if you get a range number, like for example 8-12 weeks, expect to see the photos in the longest checkpoint if you’re in the middle of wedding season, and the other way around, you can expect to see your wedding pictures for the shortest checkpoint in off seasons.

What is your photography style?

As a bride, it’s really important to hear how your potential wedding photographer describes their style. Are they good at directing some cute poses with the bride and groom and their family, or are they more of a photo-journalistic type? Them explaining their style and you communicating exactly what you want is a key thing in consultations, so that everyone knows where they stand. Questions about style can be the make or break factor to help you find the right wedding photographer that is on the same page as you.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, if you have any inquiries about what to ask or want to talk about my particular style, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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