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Believe it or not, we’re already in the fall wedding season! While in summer weddings you get to enjoy nice, warm weather, there’s nothing better than the romantic vibe you get from a fall wedding. From the gorgeous colors to the cool, crisp weather, we can all agree that the cozy feeling from our Pittsburgh fall weddings are unmatched,

However, to pull off some dreamy fall wedding photography you need more than the right colors and décor. You also need to think about the outfits, landscapes and be prepared for whatever the weather might throw at you! So, we’ve created a guide on how to get the perfect Pittsburgh wedding photos in the fall.

Think about the weather

Part of what makes Pittsburgh fall weddings great is the same thing that makes them difficult to shoot: you never really know what’s going to happen with the weather.

It’s the uncertainty of fall weddings: there’s a chance you go to your wedding photography shoot and the day is sunny and warm, or you might go and it ends up raining.

But some rain shouldn’t run your day!

Don’t freak out if you see less than clear skies, because clouds and overcast weather makes for some great shots. Embrace elements like umbrellas, or maybe consider bridal portrait sessions later, for when the weather clears up. No matter what you end up choosing, your Pittsburgh wedding photographer will get that shot that you’ll want to remember forever.

Take advantage of fall colors

Go with your style, but remember to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors. While in the summer or winter it’s totally fine to wear bright colors, maybe consider going for a more neutral palette, to bring out the stunning colors that come with fall.

All those reds and oranges and golds can be added from the foliage of the landscape, and including some of those shades to your clothing can make the photos come together.

Use the landscape

Why not venture out and find some great outdoor spots? In Pittsburgh fall wedding photos it’s always a good idea to pick a place that can add depth and bring all that beautiful fall elements together. From gorgeous tree lines to lots of colorful leaves, you’ll want to find an area that you can take pictures in, and not in front of. Taking your wedding pictures inside an striking environment will allow your Pittsburgh photographer to use the natural elements in the foreground and background, giving you some amazing photos.

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