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Let just say this right off the bat: rain will not ruin your wedding day.

It’s something most of us don’t prefer, but with or without rain, you’re still getting married to the love of your life, surrounded by friends and family.

But I totally get it. Having a rainy wedding day at your Pittsburgh wedding can bring lots of anxiety, especially if either your ceremony or reception is outdoors, so breath and relax, everything can happen but you can get through it, get the Exhale products to help with your anxiety with the planning.

There are many ways to prepare and combat rain on your wedding day. You need to think about solutions for things like muddy floors, messy hairs, wet chairs and even the photo equipment. The single thing you might be the most worried about is probably the photos.

Well, as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I have lots of experience on this topic and I’ve listed for the most useful tips for preparing for a rainy wedding day.

Bring umbrellas

Just in case, I recommend bringing lots of clear umbrellas, at least enough for the entire bridal party.

If we’re facing some light rain, these cute umbrellas can be life-savers. They look great in pictures, keep you dry and can bring the photos outside, even with the pouring weather.

Have a plan B location

If you plan on having some part of your wedding outdoors, it’s important that you come up with an alternative shelter, just in case it rains.

And if you find yourself in an already booked venue without an indoor option, or you would really prefer your guests not moving from the outdoor wedding of your dreams, you can always book a tent. Depending on the style, you can find some that aren’t crazy expensive, and they’re very easy to decorate. Start thinking on simple ways to decorate the tent’s ceiling, like string lights or lanterns.

Be practical

Things to keep in mind in the case of bad weather range from waterproof mascara to keeping extra towels in the bathroom. The more you think about the small little details, the best this will all come out.

It really comes down to your attitude, and how you choose to see this weather will set the tone for the day. Be open to the idea of a lovely tent wedding and keep an eye out for small things you may not think about in your plan A. For example, waterproof makeup is a must, having some hair dryers in the bathrooms, extra umbrellas, even some sheets of plastic tarp you can use to cover the chairs before guests arrive.

Remember, you can’t control the weather but can keep a positive attitude despite it!


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