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As your wedding day gets closer and closer, it’s easy to get carried away with all the stressful planning and not pay too much thought to one of the most simple but important parts of your wedding. At Designed Dream, we provide comprehensive wedding packages Toronto that cater to all your needs in Toronto, Ontario, as well as London and Hamilton.

The wedding photos! 

We all know that those gorgeous shots of you and your wedding party smiling for the camera are essential. But, as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I can confidently tell you that the more natural, not-posed photos are the ones that will leave you teary eyed after the big day. Lots of brides feel more connected to the pictures when they’ve managed to forget the camera is there and the end result is some candid, beautiful picture. 

And I know, I know, it sounds really romantic in theory but what if I get awkward on the wedding photography and can’t break out of the stiff poses? 

Well, that’s what I’m here for. I’ve gathered all my Pittsburgh wedding photography experience and listed off the best tried and true tips for getting natural photos on your wedding day!

Make sure you’re well-rested

One of the things that can’t make it hard for you to loosen up is tiredness. No matter how hard you try to hide it, it’s one of those things that will just show up on your face. The smiles can seem dull and the energy just isn’t up to part with this wonderful day. 

So the best thing you can do for the days leading up to your wedding is make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours. 

If you feel nervous during these days and it’s difficult for you to fall asleep, try drinking tea or running a bath, anything that you think might help you unwind.

Connect with your photographer

Believe it or not, when you feel confident with your wedding photographer, it’ll come through in the photos. 

On that day, the photographer is spending more time with the bride than their partner will, so it’s important to find a photographer, like pittsburgh photographers, that you vibe with and at the end of the day makes you feel at ease. 

Focus on the moment

After the 200th photo, you’re bound to start getting your face stuck on a sort of forced smile. When it gets to that point, my best advice is to stop. Take a breather. Walk around with your partner for 5 minutes and have that “this is happening, we’re getting married!” moment. Not only will taking a break help reset your smile, but the photographer can capture those interactions and memorable moments.

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