One of the most fun parts of the whole wedding planning process is the pictures! And there’s lots of them; you have the engagement shoot, the wedding photography, the bridal party pictures, videos while getting ready and during the reception. Now, one is thing that I’ve found as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer: not everyone is […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers — 3 Ways to Get Your Partner Comfortable in Front of the Camera — Engagement Photographers Pittsburgh

May 17, 2019

The whole wedding planning journey is a full of phone calls to vendors, wedding cake testings and Pinterest boards. But in between all the thing you have to get done before your Pittsburgh wedding, one of the trickier decisions is choosing your bridal party. Picking who will be your ring bearer and who your bridesmaids […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — Fun Ways to Choose Your Bridal Party — Wedding Photographers Pittsburgh

May 15, 2019

Planning your wedding a beautiful but sometimes stressful journey! You have to focus on putting together a magical and memorable night, taking care of booking the venue, hiring the vendors, finding your fairy tale dress, even curating the perfect wedding playlist! Whenever you take on so much, it’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed. […]

Engagement Photography Pittsburgh — How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed Before Your Wedding — Pittsburgh Engagement Photographers

May 13, 2019

Summer is coming, y’all. And with it, are the flock of summer weddings that come with this beautiful, warm season. Having your wedding in this time of the year has its advantages (like the natural, stunning tan you get and the amazing green scenery) but it can also bring forth some complications, specially in the […]

Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh — Summer Wedding Must-Haves — Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

May 6, 2019

Choosing your wedding vendors is difficult as it is, with all the planning and researching, asking around for recommendations, lots of social media deep dives and comparing so many price points. But could you imagine having one of those thoroughly researched vendors fall through? Well, I hate to bring the bad energy into your lives, […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — When a Vendor Drops Out Last Minute — What to Do? — Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh

May 3, 2019

Creating the seating chart for your Pittsburgh wedding can be every bit as fun as it is can be stressful, but overall an entertaining experience. However, you have to break such a huge task down into smaller ones (like a game!) and set up a coherent seating plan where the people you love the most […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — How to Create a Wedding Seating Chart — Wedding Photographers Pittsburgh

April 29, 2019

The traditional huge, white wedding cake with the small bride and groom figurines on top had been a staple on most weddings for many years, but it is now out of the window. As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I get to go to lots of wedding and my insatiable sweet tooth has allowed me to […]

Wedding Photography Pittsburgh — Spring Wedding Cake Trends — Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

April 22, 2019

The boho chic trend in weddings is one of the most popular ones this year and more and more Pittsburgh brides are going for this beautiful, earthy style. The concept was born on the catwalk, in the world of fashion, and from there it has gone to weddings, primarily because of the romance it exudes […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — Boho Bride Inspiration — Wedding Photographers Pittsburgh

April 17, 2019

Let’s be honest, how many hours have you spent dreaming about your wedding day? Countless, I’m guessing! It is, after all, a huge, life changing, beautiful moment that you get to share with all the people in your life that you care for the most. I’m guessing again that you want to look stunning while […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — Classic Bride Makeup Ideas — Wedding Photographers Pittsburgh

April 15, 2019

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes a new wave of spring weddings. As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I absolutely adore this season, just because of how romantic it makes everything look! The melting of the snow, the first few beams of sunshine warming up the air, the flowers blooming… I don’t think we […]

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography — Perfect Venues for a Spring Pittsburgh Wedding — Wedding Photographers Pittsburgh

April 8, 2019